Nov 21

The Quartet by Heather Kravas • ATHENS GREECE

Onassis Cultural Center Athens Greece

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Ballet, traditional Greek dances, majorette moves and movements from labour demonstrations: in a quartet, four outstanding dancers with different styles draw their inspiration from unrelated sources and perform four solos which unfold simultaneously.  The common thread running through all four is the word ‘want’, which is repeated at the start of the piece and haunts it through to the end.

Through a choreography rooted on a precision of movement which must have taken countless hours of rehearsal to master, Heather Kravas, a choreographer with Greek roots, experiments with its elements through the whole, highlighting the moments of unanimity, points of tension, and clashes that reveal fragmentation. She studies how the repetition of motifs through the imposition of unity can reveal difference.

Ultimately, can the individual units with their divergent goals form a group? How do exception and conflict work? Where does ‘we’ end and ‘they’ begin? This performance puts our socially accepted norms and beliefs under the microscope, and the production’s minimalist lens reveals conventions of every sort. How far can our ‘wants’ extend when others’ ‘wants’ begin?

Choreographer: Heather Kravas
Performers: Oren Barnoy, Cecilia Lisa Eliceche, Jennifer Kjos, Liz Santoro
Composer/Musician: Dana Wachs
Lighting Designer: Madeline Best
Lighting Supervisor: Elliott Jenetopulos
Scenographer: Jason Starkie
Production Assistant: Sara Jinks

Supporters: On the Boards, Performance Space 122, The Kitchen, 4Culture, MAP Foundation, National Performance Network, CCN à Belfort, PACT/Zollverein

7:00 pm19:00

Rural Violence III

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Camille Obering Fine Art and Matthew Day Jackson are pleased to present Rural Violence III (Rebirth) Saturday, August 6th, 2016 written and directed by Brandon Stosuy and accompanying exhibition Invocation/Remnant, opening Friday August 5th, 2016, curated by Andy Kincaid and Camille Obering with performance written and directed by Brandon Stosuy.

Rural Violence is a multi-part performance art piece conceived by Brandon Stosuy. The first iteration took place in a church in Troy, New York, the second performance took place at Matthew Barney’s REMAINS in New York, NY; and the third will take place in Jackson Hole WY at The Guesthouse. A total of 6 performances will take place and Dashwood Books will publish a book documenting the series of performances.

In Brandon Stosuy’s words, “We use the term “rural violence,” but not only in the sense of small-town crime, packs of skinheads, the KKK. Not necessarily an ugly fight or murder. It’s the violence of nature and the natural world. Things that happen, and that seem brutal, but are part of the cycle of things: the moment after salmon spawn, and their corpses pile up in the shallows of a river. It’s eerie, but gorgeous, and also mundane. We are looking at moments that feel violent, but also maybe beautiful, and then we’re suspending and zooming in. We’re also ritualizing these things in a very human sense.” Rural Violence III (Rebirth) will explore these ideas further, encouraging the audience to reflect on themselves and greater society. The performance will ask viewers to consider: destruction verses creation; humanity’s animalistic instincts such as dominance, submission, struggle, and proliferation; persecution of the innocent; awareness of our participation in violence/destruction when it is sanitized for us via food production, war, and nearly all luxuries we are accustomed to; tensions created between what is natural and what is amoral; death and destruction leading to life and enlightenment.

Invocation/Remnant, presented as a companion to Rural Violence III, will pull from the content of the performance and include the work of Mathew Barney, Matthew Day Jackson and Lionel Maunz, as well as George Clarke and Dana Wachs, who will perform an invocation, calling up the following day's performance. Camille Obering Fine Art and Matthew Day Jackson hope to foster an environment for artists to explore and present new ideas and to nurture exchange of ideas between people.

7:00 pm19:00

Rural Violence III: Invocation

  • Holiday Forever

Exhibition opening for Invocation/Remnant.

Performance at 8:00pm by Dana Wachs (Vorhees) and George Clarke (Deafheaven)

Featuring artwork by Matthew Barney, Matthew Day Jackson, and Lionel Maunz.